Saturday, August 6, 2011

Photos and Videos

I have a few new videos on my youtube blog:

Fun in school: meet a few of my friends:

I convinced my host brother to do this video in exchange for me buying him a cookie at school. He goes around doing this in the house, especially the "Michael Jackson" dance and then "rooster."

Also, I have made some of my videos private. I feel strange putting up videos of my host family and their house on youtube. You can still watch them by following the links.

A tour of the house:
Introduction to the family part 1:

Here are some photos. There are more on facebook, but I know not all of you have facebook, so I posted some here.

With my friends Nandhini (left) and Nut (right). They weren't wearing their uniforms because they were marching in the parade, called "March Past." I was a volunteer, so I had to wear the white uniform.

With my friend Kritika. She is so sweet. Her family is from Chennai, but she grew up in a different part of India, in the North. She just moved back to study here a month ago, and is living with her aunt and uncle. Because my class section is the last one, most of the students in my class are new to the school this year. Also, because of the curriculum system here, students have to be in the same school for 11th and 12th grade, but many start new schools in 11th grade. Also, a lot of the students in my class are from different parts of India, or some of them are technically from Chennai but have lived in other places.

This is my host family!!! On the left is my host uncle. He is my host mom's younger brother (we would say cousin, but they call it a brother here). Next is my lovely host mom, Sujatha. On the right is my host mom's business partner who is pretty much part of the family. His name is Anbu.

This is the founder of my school. Her name is Meena, but we call her Meena Aunty.

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